How Do Artists, Musicians And Writers Influence Society?


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Many artists, musicians and writers have contributed enormously to society through their work. Art, music and books can all strike an emotional chord with a person, and help to construct the culture of a society.

Artists Take Leonardo Da Vinci as an example - his works are all astonishing pieces of art, and many of them can still be seen today, in places such as the Louvre art gallery in Paris and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican city. Da Vinci also influenced the world of science with his drawings of the human body and designs for a flying machine.

  • Art influences society emotionally.
  • Art can define a society's character.
The same principles apply for musicians - musicians such as Vivaldi have composed such beautiful music that it makes you feel good just to hear it, and can brighten up your day.

Music has also inspired pop culture through various trends and genres such as the punk movement of the late seventies, but it can also have a negative affect on society - especially when it promotes themes such as drug use and alcohol abuse.

  • Music is just as inspiring to people as is art.
  • A society's attitude can be inspired through musical movements and genres.
  • Musicians can sometimes have a negative influence on society.
Writers Again - and as with musicians and artists - writers inspire people by stimulating their readers' imagination. Books and articles can have a major impact on the way people feel and perceive society as a whole, and certain books can also become part of a national culture due to their importance to society.

  • Writers stimulate society's imagination, especially when stories are a success such as J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series of books.
  • Some books and writers have gone down in history for their impact on society, for example, writers such as George Orwell and Oscar Wilde in Britain.
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They influence society through their craft-thoughts and ideas, just like everyone does...God bless you...
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Because they are in fact modern day historians who not only capture the events of the times but the feelings of generations. Every war or major tragedy in our existence has been encapsulated by a song, a poem or a book.
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