What Is The Vision Or Mission Statement For The Sun Newspaper Uk?


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The Sun Newspaper UK has the mission of bringing news to UK residents and those around the world via their website. The newspaper provides daily news Monday through to Saturday in the format of a tabloid. It is a populist, right wing newspaper.

The Sun has sister editions called The Scottish Sun and The Irish Sun. It is the 10th largest news paper in the UK. Typical stories covered in the Sun have been controversial such as the coverage on the Hillsborough Football Stadium Disaster, celebrity topics, and round the world news.

Over the years the mission has changed from being a complete tabloid to also offering serious news stories due to issues in the early 2000s. Some found the Sun to be degrading to women. In 2003, it did not understand the public mood regarding mental health issues. Overall, the mission of the newspaper seems to be antagonistic not only to some races and gender but also countries.

It seems the mission is to get people to think about news stories and in part to get them angry. There have still been a number of complaints regarding stories published in 2010 and 2011.

Yet, in 2009 the paper did take a stance on the conservative side in politics. At one time it seems the mission of the newspaper was also to offer a Sunday edition. Only the online version seems to have news stories available for a Sunday read.

Despite complaints, the Sun has received press awards and has a large following. Though it is a tabloid people do seem to keep reading it for news. The newspaper is not always accurate in what they write such as using photo manipulation in celebrity articles like other tabloids, so they are not looking to be completely reputable as a broadsheet newspaper.

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