What Is The Mission And Vision Of The Robinson's Mall?


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The mission of the Robinson's Mall in the Philippines is to provide outlets in which retailers can set up stores to sell their goods and services. Most commonly, these retailers sell clothing products, homeware, health and beauty goods and other such items. In addition to shops, the mall features a number of restaurants and alternative eateries. Most Robinson's malls have their own cinemas, in addition to other various entertainment facilities. The vision of Robinson's Mall is that customers will flock to their malls and buy all the items they need in one convenient location. Whilst out shopping, consumers may also take advantage of the dining and entertainment opportunities available.
  • Advantages of the shopping mall
The typical shopping mall offers the customer the ultimate in shopping convenience. All the stores a consumer could possibly need are located in one place, so travel is straightforward and needs can be fulfilled all at once. Shoppers don't need to worry about the weather, as the stores open out onto a common walkway, which is covered by a ceiling. In essence, all shops and restaurants are in one building, so there is no need to go outside. What's more, malls allow consumers to easily compare the goods and services offered by various stores. This increases competition due to better information on the part of the consumer, and leads to lower prices and higher product quality.
  • Disadvantages of the shopping mall
Most shopping malls do not house independent retailers, which can lead to small businesses suffering. The cost of a mall lot is expensive, and family-run companies and firms simply can't afford the rent. This often leads to their closure, which in turn leaves workers unemployed and business owners without a business. In addition, malls can ruin the local culture that exists in some areas, as this culture is supported by the existence of small, unique stores and local market stalls.

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