What Is The Mission-vision Of Robinsons' Mall?


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The mission-vision of Robinsons' Mall is to create an environment in which many different shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities are brought together under one roof. This will allow customers to both enjoy their day shopping to the full, and buy all the goods and services they use in one convenient location - no multiple shopping trips needed. In essence, a Robinsons' Mall aims to offer the customer convenience and efficiency when it comes to shopping and entertainment. There are a number of malls now located across the Philippines, and they are highly popular with the regular customer.

  • How a Robinsons' Mall works
The majority of Robinsons' Malls have large car parks, or travel facilities nearby, making them easily accessible - quick access is vitally important to the success of any shopping mall. The mall itself consists of a very large building, which can be accessed via a number of entry points. Inside, the consumer will find walkways (covered by roofs, so there is no need to worry about the weather) along which various shops are located. There is also a section of the mall dedicated to dining opportunities such as fast food outlets and restaurants, as well as a cinema and other such entertainment ventures. Each Robinsons' Mall now has a hotel right next to it, offered shoppers from afar the opportunity to transform their shopping trip into an overnight stay.

  • Opposition to the malls
Many do not like the increasing number of Robinsons' Malls that are appearing across the country. Whilst the malls do provide employment opportunities, they can also put small, independent companies nearby out of business. These small businesses simply can't compete with stores in the mall. In addition, the malls can destroy local culture and the sense of community that exists in a small village shopping towns.

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