Where Can I Download Free Helvetica Font?


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The Helvetica font is a very common font and is found on almost all word processing programs. It is therefore worth spending some time searching the word processing program you currently use to absolutely make sure it is not already available to you.

If, after your search, you are still sure you haven't got Helvetica font, it is available to download on sites such as Although sometimes offered for free, it is also available for a small fee.

Therefore another idea would be to ask around your friends and family to see whether they have Microsoft Word, which will, no doubt, have the Helvetica font. You could then either send them your work and they can put it into Microsoft word and change the font to Helvetica before printing it out, or they could email you the font file. You then would need to drag the font into your font file before you can use it in your word processing program.

If you are still struggling and don't wish to spend money on buying the font, you could just use the fonts Arial or Swiss which give a stark likeness to that of the Helvetica font. Most people will not be able to tell the difference and so this could be a handy and free solution to your problem.
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For free knob, not for £65.00!!!

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