Does Anybody Know The Guitar Chords And Lyrics To Prisoner Cell Block H Theme Tune On The Inside?


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Yeah well since you were decent enough to put the lyrics up for me I just worked out the chords for you (He used to give -etc on the first chord) A minor, (roses) D Major, G Major, E minor, C Major, D Major, G Major, (Chorus) G Major, C Major, D Major, G Major, E minor, C Major, D Major, G Major. Thats pretty much it! You should work out where all the lyrics sit pretty easy.
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Verse 1
he   used   to   give   me   roses
I   wish   he   could   again
but   that   was   on   the   outside
and   things   were   different   then

verse 2
we   built   our   world   together
with   a   love   so   clear   and   strong
but   that   was   on   the   outside
where   did   I   go   wrong ?

on   the   inside   the   sun   still   shines
and   the   rain   falls   down
but   the   sun   and   rain   are   prisoners   too
when   morning   comes   around

verse 3
last    night   I   dreamed   we   were   together
sharing   all   the   love   we'd   known
'til   I   had   to   face   the   nightmare
of   waking   up   along

2nd chorus
on the inside the roses grow
they don't mind the stoney ground
but the roses here are prisoners too
when morning comes around

verse 4
he used to give me roses
I wish he could again
but that was on the outside
and things were different then

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