What Is Justin Bieber's Horoscope?


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Justin Bieber, the Canadian musician and actor was born on March the 1st, 1994, which makes him a Pisces. (Anybody born between February 19 to March 20 is considered a Pisces.)

Is Justin Bieber a Pisces?
Pisces is the final astrological sign of the zodiac. It succeeds Aquarius and precedes Aries.

Pisces' sign is water, its mode is mutable, its quality is negative and it is ruled by the planet Neptune.

Pisceans have a number of positive characteristics:

  • They are extremely imaginative and sensitive people, who will always trust their hearts over their heads. This is because of the element of water, as water signs area always very much in touch with their emotions.
  • Pisceans are generally kind-hearted and compassionate individuals, which is something other zodiac signs appreciate.
  • They are selfless and often humble people, which endears others to them.
  • Pisceans are always intuitive and sympathetic people, which are traits that their partners appreciate.
However they may also demonstrate some not-so-good aspects to their behaviour:

  • They can be too escapist, and are very idealistic. They will need to be grounded from time to time.
  • Pisces can be very vague and secretive - which makes other people somewhat suspicious of their intentions.
  • Due to their head-in-the-clouds nature they can sometimes weak-willed and easily led.
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Justin Bieber's horoscope is Pisces. His birthday is March 14 and Pisces is from February 19 to March 20.

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