What is Justin Bieber's Kik?


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Wondering what Justin Bieber's Kik is? I hate to break it to you guys, but I very much doubt he shares his private communication details with anyone he doesn't know - and there's no proof he even uses Kik at all! (he looks like more of a WhatsApp guy to me anyway...)

Also, have a think about how you'd feel if random strangers kept messaging you on Kik every day? You probably wouldn't like it very much.

So if you really do like Justin Bieber, maybe you should give him a little break and let him have his privacy. He seems like he's been under a lot of stress recently, so if he's really using Kik - maybe you should just let him have at least one method of communication that he can use without being overrun by fans.

Besides, if he was going to use any social media network to connect with fans and answer all their questions, surely he'd use Blurtit - right?

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