What Is Justin Bieber's Motto?


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Justin Bieber has numerous mottos which he regularly says on stage or during other public appearances, but the one he is most famous for is "never say never" - which is also the name of his 3D concert film which was released in 2011.

Justin Bieber's Motto The "never say never" motto is especially close to the singer's heart because he feels it describes his rise to stardom.

Justin Bieber was noticed by a major record label after the singer uploaded multiple videos of himself singing on YouTube. The videos scored lots of hits and almost overnight Bieber's tutor Usher, and his record label had moulded him into a pop sensation.

The motto "Never say never" is about not giving up on your dreams, and always believing and backing yourself to do well.

  • "Never say never"
  • Justin Bieber was signed to a record label after his videos received lots of hits on the video sharing site Youtube.
  • This prompted, Usher- a teenage star himself, to become Justin's friend and mentor.
  • Since the release of his first single "One Time" the singer has become extremely popular.
  • Justin Bieber is a star all around the globe.
  • His film "Never Say Never" features his favourite motto a lot, and shows him saying it regularly on stage.

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