What Are The Notes For Over The Rainbow?


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F,F,     E,C,D,E,F,     f,D,C,   d,Bflat,   A,F,G,A,Bflat,     G,E,F,G,A,     F. Repeat.
C,   A,C,A,C,A,C,A,C,   Bflat,C,Bflat,C,Bflat,C,Bflat,C,   D,D
C,   A,C,A,C,A,C,A,C,   B,D,B,D,B,D,B,D,   E,E,   G,F.
Repeat top line.

Lower case letters, low note.
Upper case letter, high note.

Example. C d e f g  A B C D E F G
that is how your notes would appear on the keyboard.

Just play it to the tune of over the rainbow, you should get it eventually

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