Which Famous American Actress (sitcom Star) Is Credited With Being The First Woman To Use The Word "Period" For A Tampon Commercial?


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Courtney Cox is credited with being the first woman to use the word period for a tampon commercial. The campaign was launched in 1985 for the brand of Tampax tampons. Courtney Cox was a model by profession before she shot to fame as an American actress. She is well known for her role in the television series Friends as Monica Geller. The Ford modeling agency first signed her up for modeling. She lost her Southern accent after she took up acting classes while she was modeling. She married David Arquette on 12th of June 1999. David was her co-star for the movie Scream. On June 13th 2004, she has had a female child. Jennifer Aniston who is her co-star in the sitcom Friends is the godmother to her child. Her child name Coco was her mother's nick name.

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