A Man Is Trapped In A Room. The Room Has Only Two Possible Exits: Two Doors. Through The First Door There Is A Room Constructed From Magnifying Glass. The Blazing Hot Sun Instantly Fries Anything Or Anyone That Enters. Through The Second Door There Is A Fire-breathing Dragon. How Does The Man Escape?


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Avinash Seedoo answered
He just has to wait till night or till the sun sets.
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He waits until nightfall and goes through the first door
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Wait till night.. Dragons this apear at night so he has two choices.
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He makes the dragon enter the room constructed from magnifying glass...the dragon gets fried into ashes...the way through the second door is clear for him now..thus he escapes:)
if he's not in a hurry, he can wait till the sun sets;)
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athish thirumal answered
There are two possible exits and two doors,so the goes through one of the possible exits and escapes...simple!

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