Did Charles Manson Have Any Children?


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Charles Manson had a son whose name was kept 'Charles Milles Manson. Jr.'

Charles Manson had married a 17 year old girl by the name of 'Rosalie Jean Willis'. He married her in the winter of January 1955. After the marriage they decided to move to California. Very soon after the wedding Charles Manson was arrested. His wife became pregnant in April.

Very soon after the arrest and giving birth to the child, Rosalie left city with a truck driver and her son Charles Jr. Reports say that 'Charles Jr.' committed suicide in the year 1993.Charles Manson spent most of his adult life in prison. And he never got the opportunity to meet his son properly; in fact he was not even present at his son's birth
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Yes a son. Born in approximately 1956. Named after his father Charles W. Manson Jr. Died of suicide in 1993.
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Just me
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It's sad what happened to his life, it does not give him the right to take an others lives. I do think we should consider learning from it as a society and not let children born to different circumstances be abused by the system. We will still have crazy people but less if we put an end to child abuse. If his children were to identify themselves it would be devastating to their personal lives. Just because your DNA isn't ideal doesn't make you bad. People have a choice to decide what to do with their time here on Earth, know matter who their parents are. His children probably want to be recognized for who they are not who their father is. If I where in their shoes, I wouldn't want anyone to know either. I think it would be a hard cross to bare.
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Charles Milles Manson jr
Valentine Michael Manson aka Pooh Bear __ this son was named after a character in one of Manson's favorite books in prison

Charles Luther Manson

Matthew Roberts/ birth name was Lawrence Alexander Manson - he was adopted at birth

as for there being anymore its entirely possible. Considering that he had his own personal harem that had sex at least once a day for a few years. The odds are astronomical that only four children. No one will ever truly know I mean would you like that kind of attention. And everyone expectin you to go insane just cause your biological parents did

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