What Are The Names Of Jamie Oliver's Kids?


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Jamie Oliver has four daughters named Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver (born 18 March 2002), Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver (born on 10 April 2003), Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver (born on 3 April 2009) and Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver (born on 2 September 2010).

Oliver announced the births of the two youngest children on Twitter.

He married his high school girlfriend 'Jules' (former model Juliette Norton) in the year 2000 - the couple met in 1993 - and presently resides in Clavering, Essex.

Jamie Oliver is a world renowned celebrity chef and is better known as 'The Naked Chef'. He hosts a number of shows such as 'Oliver's Twist', 'The Naked Chef', 'Jamie's Kitchen', and 'Jamie's Great Italian Escape' to name but a few.

His restaurant, Fifteen, was started a few years ago. It is also said that Jamie Oliver topped 'The Most Influential People in Britain' list in May 2005.

He gained his recognition through his wide use of organic food in most of his recipes. During the last few years Jamie has been stressing the importance of healthy food for children in the school cafeterias and their lunchboxes.
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Poppy Honey Rosie (girl)
Daisy Boo Pamela (girl)
Petal Blossom Rainbow (girl)
Buddy Bear Maurice (boy)
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Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver (March 18th 2002), Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver (April 10th 2003), Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver (April 3rd 2009) and Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver (September 15th 2010).

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