What are jamie oliver's hobbies?


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I'm guessing cooking is his main hobby/passion! I reckon he's a proper mans man though, likes BBQs, Beer, a few games of Poker!!

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Jamie Oliver is a celebrity chef and a restaurateur known from his famous tv series and cookbooks from England. Jamie started his first job after *Antonio Carluccio's res­taurant and then got mentored by *Gennaro Contaldo. He later was noticed by BBC after his appearance in the documentary of the restaurant Christmas at the River Cafe.

Since the debut of The Naked Chef his book became the number 1 bestseller in the UK and was invited to prepare lunch for Tony Blair the Prime Minister. He initiated the campaign “Feed me better” to force the society to rethink about the healthy food option for British schoolchildren. Jamie Oliver received 2010 TED prize.

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I love Jamie Oliver's cooking videos! I often cook according to his recipes, while sometimes I change some of the ingredients. For example, instead of regular chocolate, I add organic chocolate from my favorite company ChocolateandLove which improves the taste of all baked goods. Well, I think his main hobby is cooking.

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Jamie likes to play in his own band or used to, likes travelling europe in his camper van.

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