Where Can You Buy A Lemur?


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Fortunately, legitimate pet dealers don't sell Lemurs. Lemurs are primates, that means owning a Lemur is like owning a small monkey. Look on the internet for accounts about people who have been attacked by their pet monkeys, apes or other primates and read them. Then you will see why they are not in the legitimate pet market.    Here are the teeth lemurs sport for defense (or attack)...    ...and here is a closer look without the lips in the way, of what they can (and will) sink into you, when things take a turn for the worst ...or the natural, I should say.  These are wild animals, primates can be trained, by aficionados and professionals who know how, but an individual wild animal can not be domesticated. Domestication takes centuries of handling, breeding and training a captive species of animals, not a captive individual animal. The human race will be around long enough, if they were to start breeding them in captivity and training them, their young, their youngs' young, their youngs' youngs' young and so on for the next series of centuries (as was done with the cat and dog). You, on the other hand, won't be around that long. Trust me, it wouldn't be a matter of whether your pet primate attacked you, it would be a matter of when!  Another thing to consider with primates, is that many diseases they carry are transmittable to humans as humans are also primates. Cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles and amphibians have far fewer diseases that are zoonotic (transmittable to humans). Birds have fewer, too, but they do sometimes carry serious zoonotic respiratory ailments.

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