How Old Do You Have To Be To Get On Brainsurge?


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Contestants on Nickelodeon's TV-based game show Brainsurge must be between the ages of nine and 16. Brainsurge is a game show that began broadcasting in 2009. It is presented by Jeff Sutphen and contains four rounds or levels for the six participating contestants, known as the ‘Braniacs’.
Many celebrities have been contestants on the show including Tony Hawk, Jordin Sparks, Lil’ JJ and Matt Bennett.
In level one, the six contestants must gain points in a series of puzzle games within a 10 minute deadline to secure their place in the next round. Keypads are used for submitting each answer and the two ‘Brainiacs’ with the lowest score are dropped from the game.
Level two sees another two contestants eliminated from the game. This time each contestant must answer questions on a story told to them by host Sutphen. If they are wrong, they are exited from the game on a large chair that makes rude noises as it passes through a large face which is supposed to be a humorous replica of Sutphens. 
This story idea continues into a Knockout Round. This level consists of memorising a 4x4 grid including eight images from the story. The player that loses in this round and the two from the previous round, exit through the ‘Brain Drain’.
The final round is similar to the Knockout Round. It involves memorising a 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 illuminated floors. Each time they get it correct, they earn a prize. If they fail overall, they too have to go down the ‘Brain Drain’ but get to keep their prizes.
Brainsurge is produced by the production company Stone& Company Entertainment and each episode runs at an estimate of 24 minutes. The next season will the the 3rd and begins in America on May 13 2011.
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I'm pretty sure 11 to 14. I hope that helps!!!
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What the hell is a brain surge is that when you actualy get an idea that will improve the world or just another load of bull crap.

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