Can Listening To Music Help A Student Do Homework?


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Mark Henderson Profile
Mark Henderson answered
It really depends on how you learn and your levels of concentration. Some people believe music can help them do their homework whereas others do not.
Personally I find it difficult to concentrate when I'm listening to music, especially if it's one of my favourite songs with a catchy melody.
However I do find listening to classical music beneficial to my concentration. For some reason this form of music tends to relax me and focuses my mind.
  • Your favourite songs will not help you concentrate as these will stimulate memory recall, making it harder for you to concentrate on the task.
  • Quiet background music can help some people learn.
  • I find it difficult to learn with music unless it is quiet classical music.

Personnel Preference!

Ultimately it all comes down to personal choice and what you feel most comfortable with. If you can't stand sitting alone in silence doing your work, then put some background music on to stimulate your mind. But be careful of catchy pop songs as these will make it harder for you to focus. In contrast, some people perform remarkably better when they work in complete silence!
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
It just depends on who you are, and what helps you to think at a comfort level best for you to concentrate. I used to like things to be quiet for me, as I get easily distracted. My kids loved their music, my last child likes to talk to me while she's doing hers. Like I said, it just depends on who you are. Hope this helps, good luck.
Shefali Singhal Profile
Shefali Singhal answered
No I can surely say that it distracts your mind. Yes I know that some people can only study with music. But I think that it will cause you to take more time to study because it is difficult for your mind to keep up with two different things together just like traveling on two boats.
Ashton Lynn Profile
Ashton Lynn answered

Music is proven to help ease the pain, besides, students worry less if they listen to music before exams or tests. Dong homework and listening to music helps doing mental math easily. A summary of Music Moves Brain to Pay Attention by Mitzi Baker here in Penn State's course for online graduates.

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nabwire scarlet Profile
nabwire scarlet answered
You cannot concentrate on two things at a time. If it is studying then just put your mind on it, music will distract you while doing the homework.
One thing at a time. Good Luck.
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
Classical music has been proven to help people study if kept at a low level. Even playing classical music to your baby is a good thing. Because classical music is based a lot on math it increases your math skills to a point.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I do not think it helps, because my son will stop his homework to select a song and play it. He was listening to music and doing homework at once and I notice a decrease in homework efficiency.
Emma Profile
Emma answered
It depends on the person, I know when I study for exams and tests I listen to music but I don't listen to music with words, because then I always want to stop what I'm doing and sing along with the chorus, so I choose a song with words that I don't know and then I won't want sing along because well...I don't know the words =) but I also find that studying in silence is the best way to study...for me, but this is not the case for all people.

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