How Can I Relax Myself By Listening To Music?


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Music has been scientifically-proven to help relax a person's mind, and to help reduce stress and depression.

There are many ways you can relax by listening to music. You can lay on your bed and put some headphones in, or sit on your couch and play your favourite songs. You could even go on a long drive and play a CD. 

The physical effects of music. When you listen to music, changes take place in your body. Your heart rate decreases and you start to breathe more slowly. As this happens, your muscles start to relax and your thoughts become clearer. Whilst there is no concrete explanation for why this occurs, it has been proven that relaxing music lowers anxiety levels and reduces blood pressure.

The emotional effects of music. Emotional changes also take place, because listening to music causes the "happy hormone" in your body, serotonin to accelerate. Low serotonin levels can lead to depression, whereas music can promote positive emotions and keep people in good spirits.

The scientific theory behind this is that some music has this effect on people because the rhythm emulates the beating sound of our mother's heart when we were in the womb. Subconsciously your mind then makes this connection - and this reminds us of that safe and comforting environment.

Here's one of my favourite relaxing songs!

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Whenever I am free I like to listen to music. I just turn on my computer and look for the songs which are recently released. I like to listen songs of my favourite singer especially Britney Spears, Shakira, U2, EMINEM and some more. So I just search music first and listen to them by just sitting beside my computer and enjoy the songs very much. I relax by listening to loud music in my house and dance with it. It gives me a relaxing sensation and I forget all other thing and just enjoy songs. My favourite songs are Girlfriend, Hips do not lie, Miss you, Like a boy, Beautiful liar and Big girls do not cry.
The second way I relax myself is to go for a long drive and enjoy music during driving. I just take my CDs with me in the car and put them on in the CD player and enjoy the music. Whenever I go for a long drive, I listen to a song and it is very relaxing for me. I try it sometimes when I feel bored, alone and under pressure.
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Well, I normally put in my mp3 player and sing to the songs on it before bed. It helps with my "breathing problem."

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Whenever I feel like relaxing with music, I get into my car and play some relaxing songs.
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