Where Does Santa Make Toys?


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Santa is NOT fake and he lives in the North Pole with his wife, elves and reindeer. He has a HUGE toy factory and the elves are great helpers. They work year round making toys to deliver in December then upon return to the North Pole, they all enjoy a vacation for 2 to 3 weeks before they begin making NEW toys for the next Christmas.
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Santa himself does not make any toys.  He has elves as workers who work very hard right through the year making toys.  This is all done in a big workshop on his property up in the North Pole.

Mind you I think he must ship 90% of the toys to large commercial shops and makes an absolute killing on his profit margin.
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The elves work yr. Round in the work shop that is suppose to be at the north pole . He is just the ceo and runs the joint.
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Factory in north pole by the way crazy santa is real
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Santa helps the elves in the north pole

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