Who Is Chipmunk's Manager?


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Hi is signed to Sony and is managed by Always Recording like someone said a young man named Sammy and another called Mark to two happen to be cousins.
Also NevJay86 you must care a lot about him to google or find this question how ever you did what a looser!
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Sarah washington
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I think he is managed by a series of lables.
These are Sony Music, Columbia Records, Jive Records
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Scum! Thats what he is for subjecting us to such loose metaphors, recycled lyrics and samples. Who on gods green earth wants to listen to an 18 year old warble his way through music tracks, who's only saving grace is a catchy hook! Take the music away and what has he got? I ask you
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It is a guy who's first name is nick, I can't remember his second name. I know nick's mother

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