Can I Audition For Vampire Academy?


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Actually Richelle Mead has made it noted on Facebook that she has sold rights to Preger Entertainment to make her book into a movie. Although there is no cast, script, release date, etc. Set yet, it's very exciting to find out that this is happening for a Vampire Acadamy fan like me. If you want to see the website stating that this is happening then click on the following link:
If anyone has heard about casting calls then please post a link to the website or give some info on it, thanks.
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There is nothing to stop you when the time comes but the film doesn't seem to have reached that stage yet. It was only announced last summer that it would be filmed at all, and we've heard nothing about auditions. It's best to explore the site and see if you can get the more up to date information as it comes, or contact the site management to ask them for advice.

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