What's Lady Gaga's Blackberry Pin?


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You will probably never know this, and you will certainly not find this out over the Internet. Given that Lady Gaga has so many fans, it would simply make no sense for her to go about putting her Blackberry Pin on the Internet. By doing this she would end up with thousands, even millions of messages every day from all of her fans. This would literally render her Blackberry useless, so you'll never find it on the Internet.

If you want to get in touch with Lady Gaga then your best bet is by using Twitter. Twitter is an online service that celebrities use to send messages, which will also allow people to reply to the celebrities. Naturally, celebrities can't read all of the messages that are sent to them in reply but they are known to read the odd couple and reply to some. If you are lucky then you will get a reply from the celebrity, and if you continue to send messages then the chance of you getting a reply in form of a 'tweet' becomes significantly greater.

You can also use the traditional method of getting in touch with celebrities: Fanmail. Fanmail is literally just a letter that you mail to the celebrity using their dedicated fanmail address. Most celebrities read their fanmail, and if they're particularly dedicated to their fans then they will try their best to reply to them. You can always search for Lady Gaga's fan mail address and sent her a letter through the mail. You never know, you may be one of the lucky individuals who gets a message back from her.

If you need to get in touch with Lady Gaga about some kind of contract, like a television deal, then you obviously need to first go through her agents. So instead of looking to get in touch directly you should get in touch with her agency before doing anything else.

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