I Want To Know Who Is Lady Gaga?


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Lady Gaga is a famous and fabulous singer. Lady Gaga is just her stage name but her real name is Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germonotta.
She is a great singer and if you want you should get her album because it is the best ever!
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Lady GaGa is a famous singer. Her name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
She came from an Italian family.
Her friends gave her the nickname Lady GaGa.
GaGa gets most of her clothes from France.
She has always wanted to become a singer.
Her most famous songs are,
Monster, Bad Romance, Poker Face, Just Dance, Telephone, and Love Game.
She sings, play piano, and other instruments.
You should listen to her, she is very talented and awesome.
As you can see, I know a lot about her, haha and I'm only in 6th Grade!
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Lady Gaga is a pop and electric type of singer
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Lady Gaga is a famous singer
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Lady gaga is an american singer very talented but may I add quite G-A-Y!  Gaga also stated that she is bisexual and is inspired by beautiful women YUCK!!   BUT I LOVE HER SONGS ! CHECK THIS PAGE OUT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE WHO LADY GAGA IS READ IT! IT HAS SOME REALLY GREAT FACTS!
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Lady gaga is a famous singer who made poker face and bad romance also paparazzi!! She is so cool and weird but I like her music!! You should hear some of it!! 
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She is a very famous singer, composer, artist, or whatever you want to call her. She is very hot!!! If you like her rate this
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Lady gaga in a celebrity name but in person her real name is Stefanie joanne angelina germonnata she is from a new yorkies italian family who leave in new york and now was transferred at C A
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Lady Gaga is one of the greatest female pop/disco/techno star right now.Her real name is Stefani.She likes wearing these "crazy costumes".Most people don't like her but I'm one that does.
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Name: Stefani joanne angelina germanotta!!!!
Birthday: 29th march 1986
I ♥ lady gaga!

Hi my moshi monster is called ladygagafan111
♥add me!♥
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She is not half guy, shes bisexual, but not a hermaphrodite. I have pictures to prove it.
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Name: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
She nearly got out of her job, after her concert in Aussie
She had all this tape around her naked body and fishnets and no bras!

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