Is Lady Gaga A Devil Worshipper?


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Yes so is beyonece,rihanna,kanye west&jay-z and it just happens thats thats jay -z;
there all a cult together they even have songs and go around using the hand signs of devil worshippers and jay z has a song called "lucifer"and they played it backwards and it said"six six six,murder murder jesus"I also heard lil wayne is but I love him he the best I still don't want to believe that.but you should stop letting your kids listening to them! Rihannas song umbrella"with out noticing your kids were saying "ella ellah allah eh ehe h "wich means no-la -ellah-god in hebrew
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Yes she  is and  I'm actually  not happy because I love GOD so much  GOD you rock like ROCK
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No, she a nice girl
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I think she would be more likely to worship herself, than the Devil, as I am sure she would consider herself much to important, to worship anyone Else.
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Yeah she is a devil worshipper look at her outfits , and her songs she sings about.
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Wow free masons don't worship the devil my grandfather was one and a catholic get your facts straight   presidents and a lot of accomplished people r free masons n if you watch the history channel ud kno free masons were started by masons meanin skilled tradesmen not devil worshipers we don't need rap stars turning satanists to corrupt society your answers has proved ignorance will b the death of us not evil

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