What Does Lady Gaga Really Look Like?


9 Answers

Harry Max Tennyson Profile
She is a ghost in a hat! Did you hear about her fab dressing sense? That too dressing in meat? She is mad, that gaga...She's too fearful too! Guess how her eyes are....
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
She is beautiful with long brown hair big beautiful brown eyes and a smile you could melt butter with, shes gorgeous.
Louis Dormir Profile
Louis Dormir answered
She has Brown Hair or Black
shalini sharma Profile
shalini sharma answered
She looks pathetic
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
She has black hair and used to dress in black lingerie and stripper shoes:)
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
She is really beautiful. Trust me, go on google images and search for her in high school, shes beautiful!!!!

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