What Does Lady Gaga's House Look Like?


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Give me Lady Gaga home address please
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I know what it looked like it was huge had to  pools three fire places had 100 acres ,two secret passage ways to get in  ,a slide from her roof to her pools, had three horses ,three dogs, four cats ,20 acre barnyard for horses to run around, three rabbits, oh yea  her room almost took the whole house up that her dad had to take some of it out for the living room so now its still big but not as big as it was ,the kitchen time , let me tell you about the kitchen it had  it had two fridges,  one big big big fridge,  she had a oven / microwave, now let me tell you about the dinning room it had two big tables, it had three big windows ,door that led you to the pools, living room time you it had two fire places, a t.v on the wall ,a flat screen t.v on the floor, it had a bar, it had a dance club in her house ,and a bowling alley in her house ,ALSO  THE BEST THING IS guess who decorated her house LADY GAGA DECORATED THE HOUSE! Listen to this you might not believe me but the reason we know what her house is like is because were her BEST FRIENDS! Call her at 600-3293 call now she'll give you free tickets to her concert and Justin you'll get tickets in mail if you call right now!so call NOW! This is lady gaga talking , hey fans whats up please call see you at my concert! Bye!

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