What Does Lady Gaga's Music Video Bad Romance Mean?


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No no no.... Its pretty much saying that she wants all of the other person she is talking about.  "I want your ugly, I want your disease" Its basically saying that everyone has baggage that they carry with them. Most try to hide it, but she is saying that she wants it all. Just lay it all out and be straight up with it, don't try to hide anything in your past cause she is human and has baggage too. So no matter what happened in your past, she still wants every piece of it.  
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No the first answer was partly right, she's saying instead of being just good for an object and sex for the guy she wants his real love and the second answer is right to she wants people to be themselves but the reason its called bad romance is the sex market its not a happy romance its a bad one because after he sleeps with her she'll be dead but her power was stronger and she didn't die he did.
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She is getting kidnapped and being sold in the russian sex market

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