What Is Kylie Jenner's Favorite Color And Food?


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Kylie Jenner usually wears gold and neutral tones, so although she has never stated her favorite color in an interview, we could take a guess that one of her favorite colors is probably gold. As for her favorite food, we know from her family's TV show that she loves both chocolate and pasta. As she aims to pursue a modeling career, it is certain she will be eating more healthy foods like salads and vegetables in the future, in order to keep control of her weight and develop a good skin tone. To find out more about Kylie Jenner, you could visit her official fan web page, which contains lots of interesting facts about her - for instance, that her favorite hobby is horse riding.

  • Kylie Kenner

Kylie Kenner is a 14-year-old American TV personality and model. She came into the public eye recently due to her appearance in the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Along with her eight siblings, she has gained significant fame in the reality television industry and is now appearing more and more in the tabloids as she becomes older. Recently, she has expressed a desire to become a model, although she must finish her studies before pursuing this as a full time goal.

  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a reality TV show featured on E!. It follows the lives of those in the Kardashian family. The show is based on real life, but certain elements of the show have been dramatized for entertainment purposes. Those viewing the show can expect arguments, tantrums and family feuds. Although the show has many diehard fans, many don't understand the concept behind it and fail to find the content of the show interesting or entertaining.

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