Is Jessica Simpson And Cody Simpson Related?


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Jessica Simpson and Cody Simpson are not related. There are many questions on the internet asking whether or not they are brother and sister, but with completely different origins, it is quite apparent that they are not. Simpson is a reasonably common surname and it is not a rare occurrence that celebrities have the same one.

• Jessica Simpson. Jessica Simpson is an America singer, actress, television personality and fashion designer who has become a household name across the world. She began her career in 1999 as a singer and had a number of Billboard hits between then and 2001. One of her albums has gone double platinum and she has had singles stay in the chart for up to 20 weeks. In 2003, she became a television star in the program 'Newlyweds' which followed the lives of her and her singer husband just after they married. She continued to release music until 2006 when she starred in the films 'Employee of the Month' and 'A Public Affair'. Since then, she has starred in a number of films, appeared on television programs and continued her music career. Simpson has released a clothing and cosmetics line as well as being a spokesperson for the charity Operation Smile.

• Cody Simpson. From across the water in Australia comes singer Cody Simpson. Aged only 12 at the time, Cody was discovered on YouTube after posting videos of himself singing cover songs. Shawn Campbell signed Cody up with Atlantic Records and he debuted with a single that included rapper Flo Rida. He has released a single and an EP so far and has plans to release an album at the end of 2011. During his 2011 tour, Simpson was egged on stage and the remainder of the concert had to be canceled.

Jessica Simpson and Cody Simpson are not related; in particular they are definitely not brother and sister. As Jessica is American born and Cody is Australian born, the connection is nothing more than having the same surname.

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