Has The Book 'Perfect' By Author Judith Mcnaught Been Made Into A Movie?


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As of June 2012, the novel Perfect by Judith Mcnaught has not been made into a movie.

About the Book

Perfect is the second book in the Second Opportunities series, following after Paradise and featuring some of the same characters. The book was first published in 1994, and focuses on the growing relationship between ex-movie director Zach and schoolteacher Julie. Zach, a prison escapee wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, kidnaps Julie and takes her hostage in a mountain hideaway in Colorado.

After discovering that illiteracy affected one in five women (and with some encouragement from Coors Brewing, who asked her to write a book that would support their women's literacy program), Mcnaught rewrote the manuscript for Perfect to include this theme. The books were issued with a card that told readers how to donate to literacy programs or become tutors. 

About Judith Mcnaught

Judith Mcnaught is a New York Times bestselling author, known in particular for her historical romance novels. She now tends to write contemporary romances, and lives in Frisco, Texas.   

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I am trying to find out the answer to that same question. I read that book and fell in love with it! I just passed it to my sister to read. I would love to see a movie based on this book!

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