Who Are Walt Disney's Competitors?


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Well, that depends on what kind of competition you mean! Disney has competitors in both the media industry as a whole, and in various other smaller industries.

Disney’s Competition As A Media Corporation Disney’s competition is judged on how much money they are making compared to other companies in the field. Their main competition here comes from:
  • News Corporation
  • Time Warner
  • Dreamworks Animation SKG
  • Viacom
  • 21st Century Fox
  • Time Warner
Competitors of Disney Pixar
Even the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation branch of Disney, known as Disney Pixar, has its own competition. Pixar favorites like Toy Story and Finding Nemo find their competition in Dreamworks movies such as Shrek and Ice Age. The competition is usually judged depending on how much money each company made on movie-ticket and DVD sales. The price of their shares on the stock-market is also a good indication!

Competition of Disney As A Children’s Entertainment Company
This aspect of Disney covers a whole lot of things – there are the TV channels, the merchandise, the children’s movies and the theme-parks to take into consideration!  Obviously, their competition will vary depending on the field, so I can’t give you an exact answer for this. Sorry!

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