Who Sung The Song, 'Clair' In The Early '70s?


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Clair was written and recorded by Gilbert O’Sullivan, and is one of his most popular songs to date.

When Was Clair Released?
Clair hit the charts in 1972. The song features on O'Sullivan's second album, Back to Front, which was also released in 1972.

What Is Clair About?
Clair is a love song that, at first, sounds as if it’s being sung by an adult to another adult. There’s a twist, though – it turns out that it’s actually a love song from an uncle to his young niece.

Who is Gilbert O’Sullivan?
Gilbert O’Sullivan is an Irish singer-songwriter who was born in 1946. He mainly writes pop and soft-rock songs, and has released an impressive twenty-two albums since 1971.

His latest album, Gilbertville, came out in 2011.

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The Song Clair was sung by Gilbert O'Sullivan in 1973.

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