Is There Any Future In Radio?


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Although it might seem like the future of radio is bleak, I genuinely believe the medium of radio will develop and will still be important for years to come!

The future of radio

It's strange to think that it was not so long ago that radio was one of the main forms of communication.

People would sit around their radio set in the same way we now sit around watching TV - and things like the internet and mobile devices hadn't even been invented.

These days, it does seem as if other mediums of communication and entertainment have left the radio lying on the scrap heap - but I strongly believe all that is needed is a revitalizing of the radio concept.

Will radio survive? I think the answer all comes down to money. If money can still be made by radio stations, then radio will continue.

We already have internet radio stations and podcasts, but I don't think they go far enough. Free or cheap streaming and downloads are other things that make it difficult for radio stations to compete.

My belief is that there is definitely a demand for radio, but that what is on offer needs to improve.

At the moment, radio stations are more concerned with playing music and hosting shows that will attract clients and advertisers. I think there needs to be a return to radio that focuses on the listener.

With the increasing technology and internet speeds that we have at our disposal, there is certainly the science to deliver a great product - but whether someone can step up to the mark and create a market that is profitable and popular has yet to be seen!
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Dear lanadee answered
Most likely, and with podcasts becoming so popular ( they are like internet radio ) I can't see radio going away any time soon.

But if you want to know if radio announcers are paid well?  That is another story!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for radio and television announcers is $10.64 per hour.

The highest 10 percent earn $27.61 per hour.
Some announcers receive extra pay for overtime work.

Additional benefits include paid vacations.   
Check out this website if you want to know more:

I hope this helps. 

Take care!
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I am media personnel, and worked for 8 years in radio. I believe that the future for radio will be busy, and people will depend more on radio than on tv, internet, papers or any other medium...

And along with the increasing market for podcasting, people are more keen on listening than on wasting time by:
1. Flipping pages of magazines or papers.
2. Watching television and diverting own concentration there.
3. Staying in front of screen and using computer.

Radio's NEXT. Old but big thing that people will depend on.

Bikkil Sthapit, Kathmandu

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