How Old Is Alli Simpson?


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YouTube video star, actress and Internet celebrity Alli Simpson has just turned 13 years old.
Alli Simpson is the sister of pop singer and song writer Cody Simpson who, born in 1997, is 14 years old. Alli Simpson is from the Gold Coast in Australia and shot to fame with her funny YouTube sketches she created at home. Her videos feature her doing accents, acting out funny scenes, reporting in a 'vlog' style, and performing in sketches with famous singer brother Cody, and her equally as famous friend Madison Pettits. Madison is an American child actress known for playing Sophie Martinez on the Disney Channel TV show America's Angel.
Alli Simpson is now famous and renowned in her own right and has gone from making home videos for YouTube, to being a model and an actress. Her brother Cody Simpson found fame in a very similar way. He started by posting videos of himself singing cover songs on YouTube, where he sung songs by Justin Timberlake and Jason Mraz. After collecting quite a following, he was soon discovered by Grammy nominated record producer Shawn Campbell. He has been signed to Atlantic records since his discovery.
Alli regularly appears in videos with her brother Cody, and her YouTube channel 'So Alli' has over 69,000 subscribers and over 5 million upload views. Her official Twitter account 'theallisimpson' has over 161,000 followers.
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She is 12

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