Is Allen Payne Married?


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Pippa Corbett answered
Allen Payne isn't married, although it's suggested that he's dating Demetria McKinney (his co-star and wife in the show Tyler Perry's House of Payne). Is Allen Payne married?
To be honest, this is a question I've been wondering about for some time.

Allen Payne is an astoundingly attractive man, and I'm really surprised that he hasn't decided to settle down with someone yet.

Whenever I'm interested in keeping up to date with the relationships of actors and celebrities, I use websites like or

In this instance though, it seems that neither website knows much about who Allen Payne is seeing at the moment (although I did find out he dated Tisha Campbell-Martin from the show My WIfe and Kids!).

Who is Allen Payne dating now?
According to a number of internet users, Allen Payne is currently dating his co-star from the TBS show House of Payne (although this is just a rumor).

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if this particular rumor turned out to be true though - the onscreen chemistry between the two is electric!

But, until I can find evidence to prove something's going on, I'm just going to assume that Allen Payne is on the market and looking for a woman like me to rock his world!

By the way, check out the passion between Allen Payne and Demetria McKinney as their characters CJ and Janine in the video below:

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Amanda Wells answered
It seems that he isn't, though it is said that he is dating Demetria McKinney.

It isn't clear whether he has any children either - if you ask this question you come up with a lot of different answers.

His biography doesn't list any marriage or family, which usually means either there is nothing to tell, or the person is very private.

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