What Store Has Justin Bieber Backpacks?


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Rory Copus answered
Justin Bieber is a pop and culture icon, so therefore any memorabilia and collector's items will be commonly found in most high street retailers and shopping chains.

Specific stores where the Justin Bieber backpacks can be bought are large chain stores like Target, Walmart and Kmart in the USA, and stores like John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and Tesco in the UK. EBay is also a useful way to get hold of a Justin Bieber backpack at a lower price, as you can bid on items.

The website Back To School allows you to buy Justin Bieber backpacks, with multiple styles and colours. You can also compare the best price for a backpack on this website too. To search for yourself, visit this link -

Any children's section in toy shops and retail outlets/shopping malls will most certainly have some form of Justin Bieber memorabilia and merchandise, as he is a popular icon right now in the music industry, both as a teenage heartthrob, and as the upstart sensation of a 17 year-old boy topping the music charts.

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