Can You Give Me At Least Two Riddles About Plants?


3 Answers

Uka Mariuka Profile
Uka Mariuka answered
I have many clothes and when I start to undress everyone begins to cry.
Guess what am I?  (in my language it doesn't sound so naughty..)

Amy Nancy Profile
Amy Nancy answered
With and awful racket

I change my jacket;

I change my coat and color.

I weigh much less

In my nice new dress,

But I am many times larger.

What am I?


amber Jhon Profile
amber Jhon answered
Plants riddles can be related to maths and any other category. For example, what kinds of tools can you eat after you will cut down apple trees with the same tools? And its answer will be Neville Fogarty; Kingwood, TX. I have found plants math riddles which is very interesting and I hope you will also get help from this riddle: Plants math riddle

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