Do You Have Any Riddles For An Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues On A Playground?


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An Easter scavenger hunt is a great way of getting kids to think about where the prizes or the items they are looking for are hidden, rather than just randomly hunting around hoping they will find something lurking in the undergrowth. Some well thought out riddles can help them advance their thinking and the way they work as an individual or as part of a team. You can use pictures or riddles to help the children to find and an egg, item or a prize but some well-worded riddles can be more fun. Try placing some of these riddles around the playground and see if the kids manage to work out the riddles to find the item or something lurking underneath. Start with this introduction and let them find their way around "I am the Easter bunny, I jump around all funny, find the eggs from me, the clues are like a key” (introduction). "I move around without a sound, look up, look down, look all around, you need to look for something growing out of the ground” (Plant/Flower). "I am found where you like to sit and stare, it’s bigger than a chair, move the seat and it is there” (Cushion). "Next you need to find something plastic, they come in many sizes to pick, it keeps food fresh for a picnic, look inside it is not a trick” (Plastic Lunch Box). "Look for something you might use to draw a zoo, some of them are black and some might be blue, they are long and skinny too” (Crayons). "The next item might be out of sight, something you rest on at night, where you close your eyes under the moonlight” (Pillow). "Look for something that runs but cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks, lacks arms, has hands, lacks a head but has a face” (Clock).
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Yes I would say ''There is an egg that likes play and likes to fling.'' This would say it would me by the swings

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