Can You Help Wit Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Kids?


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If your cool...look by the tools.
If you like, look near the bikes.
If you don't like peas, look under the trees.
If you see a purple rabbit, go to the place where he does his habit.
If it's most of the eggs you want to find, keep your eyes open & look under the pines.
If some eggs you want to find, stand by the shed & look behind.
Take a drink from only a clean hose, then take 7 steps & look under your nose.
Willie Wonka has no factory here, but there is some chocolate by the object you have to steer.
Fill your basket with lots of eggs, but you'll never reach them without using your legs.
Find an egg, put it in your basket. Fill to the top, or the grass might mask it.
Easter Bunny has left you some fun.  Now go find them all, til the total is none.
Something sweet is under a bush. Find it fast or it'll turn to mush.
Something shiny is waiting for you, see it peeking beneath the yews.
Finding eggs is what makes sense. Be sure to look along the fence.

Not sure if this is what your asking, but thought I would give it a try for you.
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Savage hunt is a game which is played outside the home and which involve hide and seek, finding marks and signs. You can set up whole team for playing games. A good savage hunt idea can be a setup a map and you can mark up some sign board for finding different clues for the game.
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You must arrange it in a big place so that it would be fun for your daughter. Don't make it so difficult that a child of 10 years will not be able to perform the scavenger hunt. Keep some gifts as well in the hunt with 1 or 2 surprise gifts. And also note the scoring points of your daughter and give her something on her points as well.
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Find a pair of red socks

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