Need Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Outside Any Ideas?


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Scavenger hunts or treasure hunts can offer kids, young and old, hours of entertainment. It all depends on your environment and where you decide to hold your hunt. It could be in the woods as part of a teddy bears picnic, a backyard, a campsite or maybe even at Easter.

This important festival involves plenty of Easter eggs so not only will there be plenty of fun to be had but you will benefit from feasting on enjoyable treats. One site to check out for scavenger hunt tips is

This site will help you with a number of outdoor hunts and a choice of lists that will enable you to create the perfect hunt that will work for your location.

A treasure hunt can also be an exciting and creative activity for all the family to be involved in. You can build a treasure box and put the booty in there for people to find. You could fill it with everything from sweets and chocolate to jewellery, candy necklaces or even gift vouchers!

Pirate themes, animal themes or places of interest are some of the most popular hunts. If you are planning a hunt for older children or teens, why don’t you consider putting in CDs, comic books, or tickets to the cinema or a trip to the bowling alley?

Depending on which location you are in you can bury your treasure in the garden or forest and let the kids enjoy finding the clues and digging up the ultimate prize. You need to plan creative clues in order to bamboozle your guests, but ensure they are solvable. Or you could provide them with missing letters like hangman which may be easier for younger kids to discover the answers. You could also do puzzle clues, challenges and brain teasers depending on your audience.
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Scavenger hunts work well outside, but your riddles will depend on if you are doing the hunt in a park, a backyard, a campground, etc. is a section purely for the outdoors.  This may be of use to you.  Good luck.
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I need a riddle for looking for a swimming pool at camper it for my daughter er scavenger hunt

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