How Do You Start Up Scavenger Hunt And What Are The Basic Rules For It?


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Scavenger Hunt is an outdoor activity in which teams are suppose to find answers to the listed questions and to collect the objects mentioned on the list. It is very enjoyable team activity and compromises great fun and learning as the objects are located at different locations and teams have to devise their plans and find optimize routes to reach their destinations. The team which collects all the answers and objects on the list wins.

There are as such no predefined rules for the number of members in the team or about the theme of the Scavenger hunt. However if the game is played among kids then it is mandatory to tell the adults before leaving the house, and also if some things are borrowed from someone then they must be returned.

Scavenger hunt can be started up on any day just to kill boredom and to initiate some physical activity in the children. Now a day, many reality shows are based on the concept of Scavenger hunt, however there are multiple conditions imposed on such shows to increase the interest.Simple Scavenger hunt games can be initiated on birthdays, or in schools or on picnics. The concept of game, fun and learning can all be found in this simple activity.

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