How Do I Create A Church Scavenger Hunt For A Lock In?


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welcome!  I am a former southern baptist pastor's wife- he died last year at 37 yrs old.  he was a youth pastor for years and had many lock ins and retreats where he would do a scavenger hunt - had to be early in the evening while people were still up to do the kind he did and required enough adult drivers.  he would make up a list of various things, and the kids would in groups, and would out to different church members homes, places of business etc to get or to do what the paper said, and the person then would have to initial the paper.  This would be announced  often at church before he event to forewarn the people!  SOme things they had to do was to obtain an object from some one, or maybe the group had to sing the Barney theme before the people- whatever he would come up with.  ANd there would be like a45 min to 1 hour time limit, the first group back with all the things initialed would win some small prize or something.  It was fun for the kids and the members.

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