Does Anyone Have Any Free Scavenger Hunt Clues?


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Easter is a really special time of year for the kids, and one of the ways that you can keep the excitement alive is by downloading scavenger hunt clues to scatter around the garden. Websites such as offer a series of hints for free, and with varying levels of ability, you’ll be able to ensure that they aren’t too easy or hard for the little ones.

There are even categories of hunts that can be used in a variety of scenarios. For example, if you’re going to be doing a hunt indoors, poems that relate to trees won’t be of any use to you on a rainy day! If you’re a teacher looking to add a bit of spice to break time, or even want to use some free hunt clues as part of a lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to find it all on websites like these.

Now - you may be wondering how this scavenger hunt clue service remains free. This is mainly through advertising, and they rely on small donations in order to guarantee that the hosting can be paid off. If you do decide to use the extensive clues on this website (as well as the instructions on how to set up the scavenger hunt properly), even just contributing a few pounds will ensure that the online community will be available for Easter next year. And, if you’ve never had too strong an understanding of iambic pentameter, you will find this website a Godsend as you prepare treats for the children at the last minute!
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Tricky Me
Tricky Fun
This Thing Is Sticky
But Its Not Gum
Look All Around
In Your Shoe?
It Is White
Maybe _ _ _ _ (Rhymes With Shoe)

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I just typed in 'scavenger hunt' in the address bar and it popped up several free clue ideas.
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We did a "Places" photo scavenger Hunt...
Certain amount of time..
Camera required
All team members in photos

Another one we did was a "Couch Trip"
You have larger teams...
Old ratty couches
A couple of trucks (to haul the couch)
then clues to various locations where they have to take group pics
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Whats as round as an apple and deep as a cup and the whole Lake Michigan can't fill it up ?
The Answer : A sieve
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You may think this relative is a little twisted, but buy something from her shop anyway.
Answer: Aunty Anne's
This huge shop is best known for a little coin.  
Answer: JC Penny

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