How Can I Set Up A Scavenger Hunt In My Neighbor Hood?


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A scavenger hunt is a game in which many people who are participating in this game are sent to the different place to find the thing which are hided by the some team members and those wins that bring highest number of things. This is a good idea for the scavenge hunt in your neighbor hood and it is fun in the community. In order to set up a good scavenger hunt you must include lot of things.

You can include things like flowers, plastic eggs, twigs, small flags, spade, and some clothes, different color printed marks. So these things can be used to make the game more interesting. First of all set up the flags on the hidden places which every team member have to bring prior to the wining in the game. Just put some random collection of thing which you think worth to involve in the game. Make a map of the whole game and hide the objects on different places so that you can make the game more interesting.

Put clues in a way that people have to find first clue in order to go for the second clue. At every level the user have to collect many things so that they can win these games.

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