Does Joey Jordison Have A Girlfriend?


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I don't think so, no. However, many celebrities choose to keep their personal lives private, so it's hard to know who has a girlfriend and who doesn't!

Who Is Joey Jordison?
Joey Jordison is the drummer in the American metal band Slipknot. He also drums for a punk supergroup (meaning a band whose members come from other successful bands) called Murderdolls.

Why Don't Celebrities Always Tell The Public Who They're Dating?
There are lots of reasons why celebrities choose to keep their private lives private!

Having a relationship while in the public eye can put a lot of pressure on a couple, and can often lead to the celebrity's partner being stalked or harassed by jealous fans.

Besides, if the couple breaks up at any point, then fans want to find out why, which is probably not what you'd want to deal with if your relationship had just ended!
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No, he doesn't. He had a girlfriend, but she cheated on him for over a year. He said he just wants to get over it and get on with his life.

If you want to know why she cheated on him, it's because she got jealous, as you do with a celebrity. Bummer!
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Joey's girlfriend is a blonde named April Rich, who comes from Sacramento.
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No, he likes guys.

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