How Did John Lennon Die?


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John Lennon died on the 8 December 1980. He was shot by Mark David Chapman, and died from four gunshot wounds. Mark David Chapman pleaded guilty to murder, and is currently still serving time in prison, having been denied parole several times.

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John Lennon was shot dead outside of his home by a man named Mark David Chapman, a crazed fan who had been stalking him for some time before.
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He was shot
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He was shot by a crazy fan outside his apartment
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He was shot dead in the entrance of his apartment ..."the Dakota" in NYC by by MARK DAVID CHAPMAN
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Beatle John Lennon died in 1980 at the age of forty. He was walking into his his luxury apartment building on Manhattan's Upper West Side when he was shot several times by Mark David Chapman. Chapman has been denied parole three times in four years, because of his "extreme malicious intent" in killing the former Beatle.

Lennon was taken in a police car to St. Luke's Hospital where he died later. His wife Yoko Ono, who had been there when her husband was shot was with him when her died.

His death is metioned later in the song, "Abraham, Martin, and John. HIs songs along with the other Beatles are still often played today.

Lennon's true genius, which he practiced all his life, was to make people love him.
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He was shot dead in the entrance of his apartment ..."the Dakota" in NYC.  Chapman....the man who shot him is still in prison and soon to be up for parole.  A sad Monday night that night was...watching football when Howard Cossell brought the news,  very sad ....  May want to check out the two movies they have out about the idiot that caused all this,  they are pretty accurate!
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1980, December 8.  Cause of death was massive bleeding which led to (hypovolemic) shock.  Five bullets were fired from a .38 special with hollowpoint bullets.  Four shots hit John in the upper left chest and shoulder.  His left subclavian artery, left lung, and aorta were all damaged.  He bled to death in spite of the fact that he got to the hospital within minutes of having been shot.
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John Lennon died on December the eighth 1980 after being shot by mark David Chapman outside the Dakota building new york
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Lennon died of gun shot in New York City on 8 December 1980.He was murdered by Mark David Chapman who is still in prison after several failed attempts for parole

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Lennon was murdered in New York City on 8 December 1980 after he and Ono returned home after a recording session.
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A lot of people even say it was really the FBI because the FBI want john to be quite on his feelings about war and government. So they brain washed one of john's followers and made him kill john. The gun he used was a caber 44

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