What Is Kesha's Fan Number?


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No one knows what Kesha's fan number is, but like all celebrities she has to keep a healthy balance between security and being accessible to the public. If you wish to contact her directly you would need to go through a secretary with the agency that manages her.

    Like most celebrities these days there are various ways that you can make contact through social media such as Twitter or Facebook. You are highly unlikely to get any personal contact details however; only a small group of trusted friends will have access to her cell phone number. Employing an agent to manage all aspects of her career ensures that mundane matters are looked after, with retaining security of paramount importance.

    While Kesha wishes to retain her privacy, it is also important that she remains in the public eye and she is likely to make personal appearances to promote new albums and records. Many of these events can involve meeting the public and will give you the opportunity to have a few words or to get her to sign some items.

    If you manage to strike the right balance of showing interest but still respecting her privacy you may gain the trust of some of the people involved in managing her. With social media so popular getting positive feedback from fans and positive comments are very important for the modern day celebrity.

    Whenever you make contact always be polite and mannerly, never appear to be pushy or demanding and you may gain respect. In current society however, agents tend to be suspicious and will guard the welfare of their client closely. If you follow these guidelines, with a slice of luck you might be able to get some contact with Kesha that is better than obtaining her fan number.

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