What Is Justin Bieber's Fan Phone Number?


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Charlie Gilbert answered
Justin Bieber's fan phone number was 1-404-665-3410, but it is currently being changed for the second time. When you call it, it gives you this information and then tells you to follow him on Twitter or Facebook, or sign up to his official website - if you aren't already that is. When the number has changed it will probably be put up on these sites, plus they'll give you all the Bieber news and updates you'll need. When the fan number is working properly it can give you updates on voicemail, plus you can leave Justin a message. Meanwhile, as well as keeping up to date on all those websites, you could email him through his official site, and if that wasn't enough, even write him a letter to his fan mail address: Justin Bieber, Island Records, 825 Eighth Avenue, 28th Floor, New  York, NY 10019, USA. That should keep you busy until the new number arrives!

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