What's Justin Bieber phone number?


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Unfortunately, this information is not public. As you can imagine a celebrity is going to be very concerned about privacy and just anyone calling them. Given Justin Bieber’s age you can be assured that his family and agent are going to ensure his information remains private. Even if you find a site saying they have his phone number you can be sure it is misinformation.
Like many celebrities his management team probably has an address, Facebook, email, and Twitter account that you can use to contact the celebrity or his people who will answer for him. Sites like IMDB Pro may have his agent, the agent address, and contact information for his agent. You may be able to call the agency, but chances are you will not be able to get in touch personally with Justin Bieber or even get past the secretary handling these calls.
You can be sure that his private information will remain so no matter what methods you use including trying to find the information through other answer sites. At most you may be able to get a letter and response to a letter should you find the appropriate address for Justin Bieber fan mail.
Those who ask you to pay for the information or say they are his friends and willing to hand out the information will most likely be scams. Do not buy into anything that requires you to pay for a phone number for Justin Bieber. You will wind up with a false number and be out of money should you fall for this. If you do not have to pay for it but it is supposedly a friend, consider what true friend would willingly give out a celebrity’s number that is truly accurate. Chances are it is yet another play on you.
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You can get his phone number and all of the other official contact info for him at www.justinbieberphonenumber.net
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How Do you Talk To Justin Bieber On The Phone His Priv(at)e Number? Try getting his number first. But please don't ask what it is now. A. This site discourages such information from being exchanged. B. Nobody here has the number, I am reasonably certain.
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Justin Bieber's phone number is private and personal, I'm sorry were not aloud to share that information.

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